Introducing Verestent TMS

May 28, 2015

Introducing Verestent TMS, Verestent TMS represents a whole new way to manage your transportation business.

TMS stands for “Transportation Management System” and typical TMS solutions are designed to automate and streamline the operations, asset management, billing, payroll and other administrative duties performed within an active transportation company.

Verestent TMS is built “on the cloud”, which means that subscribers to the service

· Don’t need to buy expensive servers,

· Don’t need to hire expensive technology professionals to manage their hardware or software platforms,

· Can work from anywhere they have internet access, allowing companies to fully implement the “mobile office”concept.

· Get the “latest and greatest” technology updates as they become available (no need to download software patches and updates),

· Can seamlessly integrate with other web-based tools,

· Enjoy “Pay as you go” subscription pricing

· Know their data is hosted on secure, high-available data centers around the world that includes redundant data backup.

· Can get up and running faster on state-of-the-art solutions

Verestent TMS adds another dimension to that definition by providing a built-in networking solution that allows subscribing companies to seamlessly “trade” or “exchange” their excess capacity (trucks, trailers, containers, planes, ships, etc.) and/or business (freight shipments) within a trusted, managed online network.

Verestent TMS is designed so that companies in different geographies, in different time zones, with different cultures and different units-of-measure can broker loads to one another, yet see the load data in their desired standards. This includes:

· Multi-language

· Multi-currency

· Multi-Unit-of-Measure (imperial vs. metric)

· World time zones

This means that a company in South Africa can book a shipment from South Africa to China in their local South African language. Yet the agents in South Africa see the load data in their local South African languages, their preferred units of measure and their time zone and the agents in China see the load in Chinese, their preferred units of measure and their time zone.

VerestentTMS is also designed to work with companies of all sizes. From a small trucking company of 10 trucks to a global, multi-national transportation provider with their own home-grown legacy TMS, the system can be configured and integrated to quickly allow subscribers to harvest the power of an integrated network.

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